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28.   Preparation of Warehouse manual defining the policies, procedures & systems
29.   MIS Stock & MIS as required by the company.
30.   Warehouse office administration.
27.   Security / Safety system :
1.   Requirement determination - scheduling / planning.
3.    Receiving the materials from process / sources.
4.    General visual inspection - Actions on abnormal.
5.    Quality inspection with P.O. / vendor’s Invoice / D.O.
6.    Co-ordination for Quality inspection, if any.
7.    Appropriate actions on shortage / excess, rejections, scrap.  Palletisation
8.    Completing the Documentation.
9.    Making the necessary book [computerized] entry.
10.  Endorsing the supply receipts.
11.  Movement [internal] of the product to be assigned, place for storage and palletasiation.
12.  On the basis of orders. List the products - Remove from pick-up position.
13.  Verifying the picked orders.
14.  Moving the products for packing / labeling - sealing, various protection, weighing.
15.  Moving the packed products to shipping area (Staging).
16.  Shipping activity - Loading.
17.  Stock reduction - Generation of D.O. / Invoice - manifesting.
18.  Local transportation to designated transporter.
19.  Handing over - booking the materials with the respective transporter.
20.  Collecting the respective Waybill & and check for correctness, transport cost, lead-time.
21.  Communications to all the concerned about the transportation.
22.  Follow up with the transporter in case of non-receipt delay.
23.  Follow up with transporter in case of damage / shortage of ODC.
24.  Follow up with the concerned for claiming from Insurance Company.
25.  Follow up with Insurance Claim on transit.
26.  General / Administration Activities.
2.   Chasing the suppliers through appropriate authority - following with vendors for the   timely procurement and reduce unnecessary stock.
Prevention of pilferage by employees, vendors / carrier’s representatives.
Training on safety / security aspects.
Preservation methods against damps, rains, dryness, heat, cold, humidity, dust, dirt, insects and fungus.